Wild Eyes

27 September 2019

Release date: 27 September 2019

After her hit Gold (15M streams) together with Sam Feldt and the iconic solo releases  Ella Elle L'a,  Désenchantée and Je t'adore, Kate Ryan is back with ‘Wild Eyes’.The verse drops us into a cool, touching piece of pop music, that is intelligent and sparkling in its melodies.Together with stunning vocals, a beautifully sentimental chorus keeps things edgy with cool electronic rhythms and effects.

The track was recorded at ICP Studios in Brussels, Belgium. Kate: “It's a mythical place, many of the world's greatest artists have recorded here: The Cure, Lana Del Rey, Empire Of The Sun, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys and many, many more. I hope those spirits resonate in my music.”


Discover Kate Ryan's remake of Holiday by Madonna. You might have heard this one in the 2020 Sunweb commercial.

18 January 2019


“All in all, I think ‘Gold’ blends the signature organic Sam Feldt sound perfectly together with Kate's soothing and almost mystical vocals.”

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